ABOUT GATE FORUM GATEFORUM Educational Services Pvt. Ltd, was founded in 2005 by alumni of the IIMs and Ts with a dual mission - to develop and nurture students interest in Technical Education and secondly, to provide the best preparatory tools to aid them in their endeavor. We at GATEFORUM believe that innovation will be the key to the country's growth in the coming decades and it is imperative that there is a huge talent pool to fuel this innovation. A masters degree in engineering would not only accelerate an individual's career but also help the Indian Industry to move up the value chain.


DLP Program Features:

DLP Consisting of 300+ hours of high quality video lectures and comprehensive study material, DLP is an ideal course for students who wish to crack GATE by relying on self-study.

DLP Features:

Gdrive(Pendrive),containing a GATE learning environment, which has the following
  1. 300+ hours of video lectures covering the entire GATE syllabus
  2. Comprehensive eStudy Material in PDF format
  3. GATE Resources containing GATE video solutions, post GATE admission guide, interviews with toppers etc.
  4. Periodic updates via internet
Books (Optional)
  1. Physical study material (same as that in the Gdrive) consisting of 10-11 books
Online Test Series
  1. 12 Self Administered Tests (Full Syllabus), conducted according to a schedule, with detailed performance analysis after each SAT (All India Rank, Percentile, Score, section wise analysis etc)
  2. 40 Section Tests (entire section syllabus)
  3. 40 unit tests (partial section syllabus)
  4. User interface and pattern is very similar to actual Online GATE (with numerical and multiple choice questions)
(CS) - (EC) - (EE) - (ME)- (IN) - (CE) - (CH) - (BT)*( Fee: Rs.10000, consisting of physical books & OT. Can take Score Maximizer as Add on. )


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