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What do we do?

K7 International helps and advises you to prepare your file for Canada Immigration. Our work includes finding where you can go, Where and when you can apply and what scheme of immigration will suit you best.We will train you for high level IELTS examination , support you and enable you to collect all the needed documents in the correct format.

We will help you fill in the application forms correctly (a big step) and ensure that there are NO mistakes there. Our guidance will include providing you all the step wise information and needed documents in each of them. We will advice you on the many new changes coming up all the time. In our work we will endeavor to give you correct guidance and consulting information. This may be for Express entry and PNP programs also. We have a talented multilevel system that will help you get the best output needed.

Canada Immigration at K7 International is a very easy process.What is needed is patience and a friendly atmosphere to do well. K7 International will be your best bet at the lowest cost possible to realize your Canada Immigration dreams.

There are two variants of the Immigration system in Canada. Both count the candidates points and merits. The one that is run at the Central level is known as the Federal Express System. The other that operates at the State level is known as the Provincial Nomination System or PNP. Both have different methods and application systems. They help most Candidates to apply to the Immigration department for Migration to Canada.

Come to us once for a Very friendly and detailed assessment and understanding of the system. This visit and meeting is FREE for you. It will help you make a better decision.

Call us IMMEDIATELY on 91-98790 10357 for an appointment. Timings are 9 to 1 pm and 3 to 8 pm from MONDAY to SATURDAY. Welcome to K7 International in person.

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