Jun 03

5 Study Traps I’ve Seen Others Fall Into

You wouldn’t think there were many dangers to studying at uni. I never thought so until I experienced it. Trust me, there are dangers.

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I fell into some traps myself, but I’ll tell you more about those in my next post. For now, here are some of the traps that people around me fell into:.

1. Compare yourself to others Have your mates not started revising yet? Do they learn everything in five minutes flat? Is their work always neater and more organised than yours? Are their working methods more effective? Are they busy having fun and you want some of that too? Comparisons generally serve as excuses, because we’re all different. It makes no difference how those around you complete their study. It’s one thing to get helpful hints from them, but it’s another thing to complain that you have it worse. And it’s fruitless to try emulating the style of someone you know, because they are leading a different life. Place a focus on what benefits you, not what you see benefitting someone else. By all means try out different ways of working, but make sure the onus is placed firmly on to you.